Thursday, December 30, 2010


Our lives are works of art, paintings that are made to be shared, pictures that are meant to be painted. Whether you believe you are a painter or not does not matter, as we go along, we all paint a picture. 
I believe that as children, we are all like an empty canvas. Next to us is a box of paints & oils. There are all kinds of different colors, which will be used to paint a picture on this canvas. This picture to be painted will become our lives. Now as we grow, we can paint a beautiful picture, something wonderful for us to look at that makes us feel good, inspires us, helps us smile, and we can share this picture. Some people choose not to use their colors, painting something dark, hiding the picture, not only from themselves, but from anyone else because they don’t like the picture they have painted. And don’t believe that they can paint a better one. Some people pretend that they have stopped painting this picture, and at this point, without them actually realizing it, the picture is still being painted.
Most children, if not all, enjoy using colors. As we start getting older, we pick and choose our favorite colors & begin to work with them a little more. Some use these colors for good, others for bad, and there are many distractions along the way. As our paintings (our lives) come together, people look at our pictures we are painting, and tell us what we should change to make them better. What we should change about the picture, what is wrong with it, what is right with it, how wonderful it is, how terrible it is…etc. And taking in instructions from others can distract us & confuse us from painting our own pictures. From living our own lives. It is good to take in all the criticism, however when it comes to the painting itself, a decision to change, or alter the picture with different colors, whatever it may be, should be made by the person who is painting it. All the criticism confuses some people into thinking that there is something wrong with their painting, when in reality there is nothing wrong with the painting at all.
When it comes to paintings, every one is different. When it comes to people, everyone is different. Knowing what to change about your painting is a responsibility that we must all hold ourselves accountable for. Before you ask someone else how they feel about your painting, ask yourself how you feel about it. Before you make any changes to your painting, step back and look at it with your own eyes. Chances are, you know what to do. The changes that we need to make in our paintings may be the  changes we need to make in ourselves. And in the gallery of life, some paintings are more colorful than others. I look forward to sharing my painting with whoever I can. If they cannot see the color in my painting… I will be sure to point it out! Much Love, Anthony

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